VIBE/FSL and RIKI Collaboration

Press Release

January 2020

VIBE/FSL – Virtual Interaction Based Education/Future Service Leaders and RIKI – Research Institute for Key Indicators have begun to collaborate to test the efficacy of the VIBE technological platform.  VIBE is a unique online technology that involves developing interactive dashboards for school districts based upon predictive analytics. In 2020, VIBE co-founders Melissa Powelson and Jodi Grover began collaborating with Dr. Richard Fiene of the RIKI Institute. 

RIKI was established in 2013 by Dr Fiene after a long career at Penn State University where he was professor of psychology and human development.  Dr Fiene, a research psychologist, established RIKI in order to consolidate all research being conducted on differential monitoring, regulatory compliance prediction, key indicators and risk assessment matrices, all methodologies he developed in the late 1970’s and have evolved over the past 5 decades into a comprehensive Early Childhood Program Quality Improvement and Indicator Model (ECPQI2M).  Presently RIKI and NARA – National Association for Regulatory Administration have an exclusive agreement disseminating and the future development of Dr Fiene’s regulatory compliance methodologies.

RIKI and Dr Fiene will utilize their expertise in predictive analytics in assisting VIBE/FSL in specific research and validation studies to ascertain the efficacy of the VIBE technological platform.  Dr Fiene’s Regulatory Compliance Law of Diminishing Returns, a theory of regulatory compliance, has had a major impact on the human services regulatory science research literature in helping policy makers make cost effective and efficient licensing decisions which focus on client outcomes.  Also, Dr Fiene’s groundbreaking research into coaching/mentoring along with an online approach has influenced the future direction of professional development and technical assistance in early care and education. 


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