With the use of longitudinal data, VIBE enables educators to give students long-term successful results.

VIBE offers schools eight products that collect real-time day to day academic, social-emotional and mental health data. VIBE focuses on effective grade level practices, supports personal student growth and integrates service-learning concepts beginning at the elementary level. With the use of longitudinal data, VIBE enables educators to wrap around the whole child and give each student long term successful results.

VIBE’s research-based, social-emotional learning curriculum focuses on effective grade-level instruction that supports personal student growth with evidence-based practices. Through the use of our interactive, scenario-based curriculum, schools obtain valuable data to assist in providing long-term individualized solutions. Additionally, VIBE’s integrated service-learning components embedded at all grade levels empower students to think beyond themselves and develop a commitment to serve others. VIBE also integrates experience-based, service-learning activities that build connections with the school and community promoting the success of all students. All of VIBE’s products are equipped to measure data along with providing tools to continually evaluate social and emotional behavioral patterns, enrich academic progress, and track a student’s service-learning footprint. With VIBE’s eight products we bring together a mental health learning management system and detailed dashboard equipped to identify key student factors and create responsive alerts for early intervention.


What if you had the ability to measure the social-emotional and mental health of all youth on a daily basis? By utilizing Predictalytics with VIBE’s PreK-12 Curriculum, or with your current programs, schools, community organizations and programs will be able to assess social-emotional and mental health competencies using research-based subtle assessment questions.

Worried about how to have the time to measure?

With less than six questions per competency, this quick and non-intrusive format enables VIBE’s interactive dashboard to gather information on student engagement, grit, perseverance and over 40 mental and social-emotional competencies. Measuring growth has never been so easy.

VIBE PreK – 12 Curriculum

What sets VIBE apart from other programs is an interactive research and standards-based curriculum platform. Our co-curricular educational programs are designed to address a multi-tier system of support. From kindergarten’s “Listen To Lizzy” (Zones of Regulation®) to high schools’ “Power of the Positive Brain”, or PreK-12 “Mindful Yoga”, VIBE’s curriculum is experience-based with the ability to collect real-time, day to day academic and social-emotional data for all students.

Virtual Interactive Based Education is a PreK-12 curriculum platform that revolutionizes results using a cumulative data analytics approach to social, emotional and behavioral health.

VIBE is seamlessly integrated into everyday classrooms, common core curriculum and connected with community programs to identify student social, emotional growth, mental health and crisis early warning signs. With our unique alert system, educators are notified if a child is experiencing behavioral risk factors such as depression, anger, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Chaos Mental Health Benchmark

Chaos Life Promotion curriculum provides fun, interactive and engaging lessons to help young minds develop an understanding of the importance of mental health. Our belief is that every student is a future leader and Chaos gives each student skills to practice strong mental clarity to create a level of personal best each and every day. Chaos promotes a positive-minded approach to life and guides students away from the harmful depths of unhealthy and concerning behaviors.

Fun, interactive and engaging lessons

Chaos promotes a positive-minded approach to life

Schools have the option to kick-off mental health awareness with a one-day event or implement Chaos Life Promotion activities throughout the year.

 With this flexible approach, students learn strategies for coping with mental stress through the use of social-emotional competencies such as self-regulation, social awareness, self-management, responsible-decision making and relationship skills. These school-wide activities allow staff to measure social-emotional and mental health benchmarks.

Noah Suicide Support (Grades 6-12)

How do schools understand the impact of a death by suicide? How do schools get an accurate awareness of all those affected by suicide? The Noah Suicide Support program creates a systemic approach through prevention and postvention curriculum addressing mental health variables and the psychological trauma involved in the aftermath of a suicide.

School systems have many facets to cover when a crisis occurs.

NOAH provides step by step strategies and guidelines for the days and weeks before and after a suicide. The tiered program is organized for classroom, small group and individual settings. VIBE’s Noah curriculum is an activity-driven program designed to measure coping skills and to disrupt harmful thought patterns in order to produce healthy helpful thinking. Student workbooks assist in guiding students to a better tomorrow beginning the day after a crisis.

PreK-12 Gamification

VIBE’s PreK-12 Learning Gamification enables your school or organization to increase motivation, improve student behavior, strengthen resilience, boost learning and provide real-time data-driven results. VIBE developed gamification tools to fall in-line with your school curriculum and provide an individualized approach to make a real impact on student success. VIBE’s Learning Gamification is aimed to identify likes/dislikes, create a connection between student strengths and interests and perhaps most importantly, answer the questions of “who am I, where am I going and how do I get there?” With the ability to view student results, even when completed at home, schools and organizations can create intentional conversations with students and parents around personalized learning.

VIBE’s PreK-12 Learning Gamification provides:

  • An extension of the classroom with the ability to be used in the home or community.
  • Increase in student motivation with the use of badges, challenges, game narratives, and subtle assessment questions.
  • Organizations and schools with a live view of youth’s personal targets and achievements.
  • Encouraging activities that drive results.
  • Learning based on real-time performance data.
  • Experience-based technology that gives youth hands-on opportunities with lessons in health science, engineering, construction & design, coding, agriculture and more.
  • Individualized learning tools for students to achieve the highest level to their ability


This isn’t just your average school experience! GritThru is designed to help students experience grit and resilience while overcoming obstacles in a standards-aligned, scenario-based curriculum. GritThru addresses different learning styles while challenging students to persevere through a problem-based lesson. The obstacles built into the curriculum strengthen a student’s mindset as they become more aware of their surroundings and follow clues to problem solve. GritThru develops real-life skills as students work as partners, groups and individuals to tackle each project.

Students will be assessed throughout the projects looking at key competencies in social-emotional and mental health variables.

This data allows schools to see how students feel about working collaboratively, what challenges they are facing when meeting deadlines and any stressors that might need to be addressed.


4th-12th Service App

VIBE has partnered with Future Service Leaders to enable students to organize their busy lives. The Service Learning App allows students to manage organizations they are involved in, track hours of service-learning, and receive alerts for volunteer hours of service needed in the community. VIBE’s dashboard displays a cumulative list for each student to assist with graduation requirements, scholarship applications, college admissions, and employment opportunities.

As all of VIBE’s products allow schools to collect data during the school hours, the Service App continues this process out of school time (OST). Collective service-learning data is now at your fingertips.

The Service App is compatible with the following mobile platforms and devices: tablets, native Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), and native Android phones.

The Voice-Raiser

is a platform embedded in the 4th-12th Service App that jumpstarts fundraising for your organization. The Voice-Raiser gives students a voice for a cause and creates awareness of community and school needs. This systemic platform guides schools in implementing successful approaches to raising money for causes that are important to them. Whether a school’s focus is the local park in need of a new playground, a 5K for suicide prevention or a STEM class raising funds to attend a national competition, Voice-Raiser provides the outline for a successful fundraising effort.

Life Support App

Gaining access to mental health professionals, especially in rural areas can be challenging. VIBE along with FSL addresses the lack of available resources with The Life Support App. This prescriptive app allows our partnered clinics to provide long-term, reduced-cost care for patients.

Life Support introduces patients to a set of home-based therapy options

that meet individual needs and can be assessed and monitored daily. VIBE’s partnership with FSL’s Life Support app gives licensed professionals the opportunity to customize patient support between appointments.