VIBE’s membership packages provide schools and organizations an opportunity to support targeted student growth in SEL and mental health.





  • VIBE PreK-12 Curriculum
  • Predictalytics
  • Chaos Mental Health Benchmark (3rd-12th)
  • Noah Suicide Support
  • PreK-12 Gamification
  • GritThru
  • 4th-12th Service App
  • Onboarding, Training, and Support*


  • GritThru
  • Service App
  • Predictalytics
  • Community Gamification
  • Onboarding, Training, and Support*


  • LifeSupport App
  • Counseling Services
  • Staff Support Monitoring
  • Data Support
  • Onboarding, Training, and Support*

*All memberships are provided support through the onboarding and training process. Through online and on-site training, VIBE members will have assistance in analyzing data and providing interventions for youth for the duration of product use.

Education Membership

VIBE’s education membership provides individual schools or districts with a full 30 unit PreK-12 social-emotional curriculum with interactive tools that support targeted student growth in SEL and mental health. Create a benchmark for all 6th-12th grade students in the school with our CHAOS curriculum while having a complete 6-week crisis plan, NOAH, available for addressing psychological trauma in the event of a suicide.

Connect student organizations or Out of School Time programs (OST) using PreK-12 Gamification, Grit Thru and the 4th-12th Service App. Along with the use of Predictalytics, our longitudinal data platform, the education membership enables educators to wrap academic, social-emotional and mental health around the whole child to provide long-term successful outcomes for each child.

Community Organization Membership

VIBE’s partnership with Future Service Leaders provides a hub of service-learning programs giving youth an opportunity to work together with peers and community members to create positive attitudes, build self-esteem, and increase leadership skills.

The Community Organization membership provides a wraparound support system to strengthen youth engagement and skill development within your organization. Are your members enjoying themselves? Are they gaining the knowledge and skills your organization is set up to provide? This responsive evidence-based curriculum and service app supports community programs with the use of daily data-driven results.

The long-term goal of; unite, inspire and encourage, is to empower youth to establish habits that are leading to positive thought processes to create happier healthier lives.

Clinical Health Membership (Coming Fall 2020)

By purchasing this membership licensed professionals and medical clinics will have access to the Life Support App. This prescriptive app provides long-term, reduced-cost care for patients. Life Support introduces patients to a set of home-based therapy options that meet individual needs and can be assessed and monitored daily.

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