Welcome to VIBE, our Virtual Interactive Based Education solution to student social, emotional and mental health.  As Chief Education Operations Officer I want to tell you a little bit about our journey and vision for social, emotional and mental health predictive technology.  

As our mission states VIBE enhances educational and personal development by providing educators with a multi-tier predictive technology platform, identifying predictable indicators that revolutionize the well-being and future of each child. So what does that really mean?  Virtual Interactive Based Education is like the popular “goody” boxes you have delivered to your home. You know the ones, you pick out the items you want or need with none of the fluff or items you really can’t use. VIBE brings customization to your school, individualizing and prioritizing the data collected based on a school’s needs. Easy to implement working with staff without creating the additional “fluff”. 

VIBE has a variety of educational products to meet an educational institute’s social, emotional and mental health needs.  What sets us apart? The ability to measure growth with any of our products! Working collectively with the school’s student information system and our research-based SEL and mental health competency variables, VIBE provides a detailed dashboard for school personnel to monitor students daily and receive alerts for early intervention.  Beginning at PreK, our curriculum creates scenario-based stories that embed subtle assessment questions for students to answer “in the moment”.  Capturing real-time data throughout all grade levels in any class at any time.  

To support our PreK-12 VIBE curriculum, we have created a mental health benchmark program called CHAOS.  Yes, CHAOS. It sounds like a typical day of elementary, middle or high school, right? In our CHAOS curriculum, we address the need for students to understand what mental health is and we incorporate and support grade-level social, emotional competencies in all our lessons and activities such as empathy, resilience, and self-efficacy.

Having a proactive approach in raising academic engagement, increase attendance and graduation rates and lowering at-risk behaviors is a must, and in reality, a school must also be prepared in the event of a crisis.  VIBE’s NOAH-Post Suicide program provides a step by step layout for days and weeks after a loss of life. Being prepared allows schools to identify psychological trauma quickly and have a plan for the recovery process.

So, what else does VIBE offer?  Well, stayed tuned to hear more about our partnership with Future Service Leaders and how we’ve incorporated service-learning and community partnerships to create a powerful wrap-around program for all youth.