I am Jeanine Long and I want to tell you a little about myself and my role with VIBE.  I am from a line of educators and working with children has been my true passion. When I was little, I decided I wanted to be a nurse and that is the path I started down in school.  However within the first few years, I realized that wasn’t my calling, I went back to my roots in the education field and knew I had found my way home. I was an educator for 25 years first as a 6th-grade teacher and then as an elementary school counselor for the next 19 years.  I loved working with that age group. I found their innocence and sense of wonderment so rewarding. And I enjoyed the prevention piece that came with working in an elementary school setting. However, over time, I realized there was as much intervention as there was prevention work as children were experiencing trauma and mental health concerns at a far earlier age than when I started in the education field.

I began to develop a greater interest in the mental health needs of families.  I understood the health and balance of the family affected how well a child would thrive at school.  As a result, I became a licensed clinical professional counselor and began working with children and their families in a clinical mental health setting.  I knew I had found my way back to the path of a helping professional that I had started years before as a nursing student.  

Through supporting others and their mental health needs, I began to understand more of my own personal needs which lead me to yoga and mindfulness.   I was inspired by the difference it made in my life and began studying how it could help others, especially children.  I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training and certifications in yoga and mindfulness curriculums. I enthusiastically brought these practices into the schools and with the support of my staff and administration was able to teach self-regulating strategies to hundreds of children.  It is my dream to create a world where children understand the benefits of a mind-body connection and use these practices to create self-regulation strategies of their own.

My role at VIBE is part of making that dream come true.  I have anxiously awaited the launch of this company, knowing it will allow me to bring much-needed tools and strategies to children, their families and the people that support them.  In my role as the Director of Counseling and Community services, I will oversee health and wellness curriculums and activities in all VIBE programs. I will also have the opportunity to create new and innovative group classes and family events.  

I am truly excited to have a platform to deliver yoga, mindfulness and overall wellness, the things I am most passionate about, to children and families nationwide.  However, to be a part of bringing technology that predicts the social, emotional and behavioral health of PreK-12 students to schools is beyond anything I have ever dreamed of.  Schools will now have the ability to create a whole-child view with data they have gathered daily. This will give them an opportunity to be proactive in addressing individual needs and interventions.  This has the potential to completely change how we meet the needs of children and create a brighter future for us all.