About VIBE

VIBE revolutionizes results using a cumulative data analytics approach to social, emotional and behavioral health.

VIBE – Virtual Interactive Based Education – has established a long-term revolutionary digital curriculum and data analytics tier 1 approach to combat critical issues including social-emotional growth, mental health, bullying, academic failure, truancy, suicide, and violence in schools. Schools will be able to embed early intervention assessments into classroom curriculum to identify students at risk and receive early warning notifications from the system.

The Problem

Schools do not have a solution for social-emotional and mental health growth measures.

  • As many as one in five students show signs of a mental health disorder.
  • Nearly 5,000,000 affected students will not receive any counseling therapy or medication.
  • Every 2 hours a person under the age of 25 is lost to suicide.
  • 49% of children K-12 reported being bullied.
  • Every year 1.2 million students drop out of high school.
  • 1 in 5 youth females and 1 in 7 youth males engage in self-injury.



The Solution

VIBE’s integrated platform provides schools a dashboard for teachers, counselors and administrators to view individualized indicators of student behaviors. Distinct from other platforms that simply survey students, VIBE brings together a curriculum-based program that blends participation and engagement to identify important behavioral information and provide responsive alerts for early intervention.

The curriculum collects day-to-day learning and social-emotional data for students. Students answer questions in each lesson, which are matched to competencies. Analytics identifies trends in data with academics, behavior, social-emotional learning, mental health, and crisis daily. The curriculum is designed to integrate seamlessly into common core classes or other ways the school chooses. The early invention will lower rates of bullying, suicide, and other crises.


Through a partnership with Future Service Leaders, VIBE extends the school day by offering specific programs that assist youth in behavioral development and positively contribute to the economic growth and social-emotional well-being of each child. The strategic partnership enables the FSL to reach out with VIBE’s unique virtual interactive based education system to offer the use of a hub that offers a long term wrap-around support system to youth, schools, homes, and communities.

A Brief History of VIBE


  • CEO lost her husband to suicide
  • CEO had 18 previously booked speeches, 3 regarding mental health-suicide prevention


  • As CEO spoke around the United States, school leaders regularly asked ‘What more can we do to meet mental health needs?’
  • High school principal propelled CEO forward after losing a student to suicide and lacked the long-term support to assist students and staff
  • Noah Suicide Support was developed
  • VIBE’s Chaos Mental Health Benchmark was created


  • Obtained key connections
  • Strategic partnerships put into place for development
  • Launched first pilot program in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mental Health Doctors discuss VIBE’s wrap-around support
  • VIBE became an LLC


  •  VIBE Partners with FSL for long-term academic and behavioral health support
  •  Construction of VIBE PreK-12 curriculum
  •  Development of Predictalytics and other key products
  •  Research and analytics team was established


  • Domenari Capital provides start-up capital for VIBE
  • VIBE brings full staff on board
  • VIBE collaborates with Future Service Leaders  to provide funding to support schools and community organizations
  • VIBE launches pilots
  • VIBE partners with ESSDACK to provide training to schools
  • VIBE collaborates with FSL to develop “Our Future Is Calling” campaign for Kansas schools


VIBE and Future Service Leaders launch products

The VIBE Team

Melissa Powelson

Melissa Powelson

Founder & CEO

Melissa’s upbringing molded her beliefs in equality, celebrating diversity, resilience and developing meaningful relationships as she was raised in a unique environment. Melissa has since served as a professional development mentor and presented at student and organization workshops as a motivational speaker. Her active role in the community has led her to value learning environments that encourage growth-mindset, positive peer groups and family support as she was very involved in sports, 4-H and coaching. Melissa has over 23 years of management experience and was inspired in 1998 to write and publish children’s books to enhance professional learning through storytelling and classroom experiences. In 2010 she lost her husband to suicide and in 2011 she began the creation of Noah, VIBE’s post suicide curriculum which led her into the initial development of VIBE. Melissa is committed as the CEO to educating students, families and the community through strong connections of support to develop and build successful futures. She is also passionate about life, the outdoors, mental health, sports, and her three biggest blessings on earth, her boys.


Jodi Grover

Jodi Grover

Co-Founder & COO

Jodi believes that every child should have every opportunity to reach his or her full potential.  She has spent over 28 years as a school teacher, counselor, administrator and educational consultant in Kansas. Jodi has spent her career as a PreK-12 counselor, business teacher, college and career director, and school administrator which has given her a view through a variety of lenses to approach social-emotional and mental health for students. Through her experiences, Jodi has had the privilege to cultivate teamwork, leadership and important life skills with educators and youth leading her to the position as the Chief Education Operations Officer of VIBE. Watching her three boys grow into wonderful young men is Jodi’s pride and joy along with her therapy dog Max. 

Jeanine Long

Jeanine Long

Director of Counseling and Community Services

Jeanine’s passion is helping children see the potential in themselves that she sees in each of them. She is the Director of Counseling and Community Services at VIBE Interactive and looks forward to sharing her love of yoga and mindfulness with children nationwide. She is an LCPC with 25 years of experience in schools as a teacher and a counselor and more than 10 as a clinical mental health therapist. Jeanine is a certified Yoga Calm instructor and a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. She is a certified parent coach and works with families struggling to find peace and calm at home. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her three nieces and nephew, reading and doing yoga.



Director of Youth Empowerment

Perla is the Director of Youth Empowerment at Vibe Interactive. Perla was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and brought to Kansas as a young child. Perla is bilingual in English and Spanish. Although Perla considers her roots to be Mexico and Kansas City, she is now residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico with her husband as they’ve developed a Private Equity company. Perla is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a Communications emphasis at Baker University. Due to her background and experiences, she hopes to give back to the community in the form of empowerment and leadership to children and youth by giving them the tools and support necessary for them to develop their own careers and businesses to then give back to their communities. She believes that every child can have the opportunity for growth and development if they have someone who believes in them enough to show them the way. Perla has always held a passion for Education, Independence and Self-Growth. She hopes her journey at Vibe Interactive can help further develop those skills and personal goals.



Product Manager

Elijah is the Product Manager at VIBE Interactive. He is the youngest of the staff but is more than ready to take on any task. He is a graduate of Kansas State University, with experience in technology and theatre/performing arts. His dedication to the job is inspired by his personal belief in doing whatever he can to help anyone in need. He is also a very good pet dad and enjoys spending time with his dog Jake, his two cats Doodle and Kittyface, and his two guinea pigs Alfie and Frankie. He has always been motivated to be the best individual he could possibly be, and that credit goes to his amazing parents who have raised him to be the kind man he is today.



Administrative Assistant

Darian has always had a love for children and as a high school student, she embraced the opportunity to take an early childhood education class. This drove her passion and led her to open her own licensed daycare facility for almost 10 years. Her goal was to offer children the ability to develop life skills, social-emotional skills and communication skills, that children need for success in school and life. This successful experience led her to understand budgets, project management organizational skills, and customer relations that gave her the opportunity to play an important role with VIBE as the Administrative Assistant. In Darian’s free time she loves to spend time with her husband, four beautiful children, family and friends. Darian loves to travel and she loves Disney!



Director of Marketing

Isaiah is the Director of Marketing at VIBE Interactive. Isaiah’s background includes a major in Marketing and a certificate in Leadership from Fort Hays State University. Isaiah enjoyed being on the men’s golf team at FHSU. Growing up he has moved three times which has brought many new relationships and new people in his life. Extracurricular activities and sports brought Isaiah a plethora of experiences and life lessons that have shaped him into the person he is today. Isaiah has always been a listener before he talks and has great compassion and empathy for everyone. He prides himself in lending himself to others because you never really know what anyone else is going through. He also believes that anyone is capable of creating positive change for society. Believing small- or large-scale change does not define the success, as long as the impact is positive. In his free time, Isaiah likes to be with his girlfriend Alexcia and their aussie-doodle Willow. He is always thankful for his parents and brothers every day because no matter what happens they will always be his best friends and helped make him who he is to this day.