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VIBE’s (Virtual Interactive Based Education’s) technology predicts the social, emotional and behavioral health of PreK-12 students and creates a whole-child view with data gathered daily to be proactive in addressing individual needs and interventions.

What is VIBE?

VIBE Mission




To enhance educational and personal development by providing educators with a multi-tier predictive technology platform that identifies predictable indicators that revolutionize the well-being and future of each child.

What is VIBE?

Virtual Interactive Based Education is a cutting-edge PreK-12 predictive data platform that revolutionizes how organizations collect student results. Using a cumulative analytics approach to social, emotional and behavioral health, VIBE utilizes real-time data to capture a holistic view of each student for early at-risk identification.

VIBE is seamlessly integrated into everyday classrooms, common core curriculum and connected with community programs to identify student social, emotional growth, mental health and crisis early warning signs. With our unique alert system, educators are notified if a child is experiencing behavioral risk factors such as depression, anger, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

What sets VIBE apart from other programs is the ability to collect data from students daily with an interactive research and standards-based curriculum platform. Our co-curricular educational programs are designed to address a multi-tier system of support. VIBE’s curriculum is experience-based with the ability to collect real-time, day to day academic, social-emotional and mental health data for all students.

Why Now?

Many factors influence student success and the ability of schools to address the needs of each student. VIBE understands the importance of identifying the factors that influence student behavioral health concerns. VIBE empowers schools to be proactive in addressing immediate factors that influence the need for social, emotional and mental health interventions.


VIBE offers schools eight products that collect real-time day to day academic, social-emotional and mental health data.

VIBE focuses on effective grade level practices, supports personal student growth and integrates service-learning concepts beginning at the elementary level. With the use of longitudinal data, VIBE enables educators to wrap around the whole child and give each student long-term successful results.


The number one issue we deal with on a daily basis in our schools isn’t academic achievement…it’s not school funding…it isn’t class size…it isn’t even poverty…it is ever-increasing student anxiety and student mental health in general.

Psychological distress among students ranges from anxiety, depression, and stress to suicidal ideation and mental health disorders. Research shows a decrease in psychological well-being among adolescents over the past several years. It’s not entirely clear what is causing this trend but we need to have many tools in our tool chest in order to meet the increasing needs of our students. VIBE will provide educators with a valuable real-time assessment tool that can help us intervene when our students need it the most and ultimately increase their quality of life and even save lives. I’m really excited about VIBE and grateful to have something so cutting edge to help our students!

LeEtta Felter is entering her third 4-year term elected to serve on the Olathe Public Schools Board of Education. The Olathe School District is the 2nd largest district in Kansas with over 31,000 students.

It feels great to give hope, it’s so awakening.  Everybody needs this, students, adults, small child, everyone needs it.  Everyone needs to be aware of the good things you can do



I want people to be people again…not just a price tag. The best part about school, that I’ve always felt, is the people. 



Being the superintendent of a small rural school district far from the comfortable reach of other outside support more commonly available in more metropolitan areas, the advantages of a program such as this in our school system could easily be a difference-maker in providing a more healthy and supportive climate for students in our school system.

Jeff Jones



VIBE has partnered with Dr. Richard Fiene at the RIKI Research Institue to create a social-emotional and mental health scenario-based interactive program applying effective assessment techniques. RIKI and Dr. Fiene will utilize their expertise in predictive analytics in assisting VIBE/FSL in specific research and validation studies to ascertain the efficacy of the VIBE technological platform.  Dr Fiene’s Regulatory Compliance Law of Diminishing Returns, a theory of regulatory compliance, has had a major impact on the human services regulatory science research literature in helping policymakers make cost-effective and efficient licensing decisions which focus on client outcomes.


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VIBE – Virtual Interactive Based Education – has established a long-term revolutionary digital curriculum and data analytics approach to combat critical issues including social-emotional growth, mental health, bullying, academic failure, truancy, suicide, and violence in schools. Schools will be able to embed early intervention assessments into the classroom curriculum to identify students at risk and receive early warning notifications from the system.

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